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Technicians Tyres

Capital Tyres have a great depth of knowledge and understanding requirements and expectations to ensure downtime is minimal.

Our technicians are trained in our Tyre & Wheel Removal Replacement and Repair Procedures.

All Tyre Technicians have undertaken and passed Bridgestone Wheel Security course.

As an organisation we encourage and support Staff training through manufacturers Continued Professional Development programmes.

Our Technicians have experience in the following courses:

  • Bridgestone Roadside Breakdown
  • Bridgestone Truck Tyre Regrooving
  • Bridgestone Commercial Wheel Security (BST018)
  • Rema Tip Top Tyre Repairs
  • Michelin Roadside Breakdown
  • Michelin Truck Tyre course ‘Fit to Fit’

We also communicate Environmental and Waste precautions through our Start Safe & Stay Safe Induction booklet